My GOD – Walked

67c7Hey my god walked, yesterday for the first time without support. My God is our son, Pravit. Why God, ‘cos he is the one thing that reminds me that there is but a supreme power that overlooks and even takes care of us.

Lot has changed in the last year that this joker has been around. From sleepless nights to exercising without the mundane setting of a gym (he is my ever increasing weight).

He had been at the top of his crawl prowess, when suddenly yesterday, he walked…without support! Now that was amazing – and the best thing that could happen to me – I did not have to get a dump about how and what he did, I was there!!!

So many times we see our kids grow, not vertically, but horizontally. We measure them every morning – when they are sleeping and we go to work – and again in at night – when we return and they are playing in slumberland.

Maybe Pravit forgets, but 22-23 September 2006, will always be when My GOD, walked!


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