Chor Minar

2957Allaudin Khalji was ill-famed for beheading his father-in-law and uncle.Thus one can well imagine what would come upon petty thieves. Thieves in those days were condemned to a terrible fate, their heads were severed from their bodies and displayed through the holes of the Chor Minar.

One can discover the foreign heritage only if one cares to look beyond the modern paraphernalia at Hauz Khas. Originally set amidst a bustling market , this minar today stands like a forgotten relic- which people use to direct visitors to their house.

About 200m south-east of Idgah is the Chor Minar, a rubble-built tapering tower , rising from a platform and provided with a staircase in its interior.The minar is erected on a four sided platform , which comprises of three arched alcoves. The ‘lotus bud’ fringe on the underside of the arches points to characteristically traditional Khalji architecture. The central arch on the east side of east side of the platform serves as a doorway which gives access to the winding staircase, about two feet wide, leading to the top of the tower.The minar is circular and tapers towards the top.The walls of the minar is pierced with as many as 255 holes, besides the larger openings for light to enter the tower. Despite the architectural tradition of the Khalji dynasty this monument is devoid of any embellishments. The lack of conventional beauty was probably because of the purpose for which it was installed. A stark reminder of crime and punishment. The very barrenness of the minar, with its abruptly ending roof gives the impression of a headless structure – symbolizing those unfortunate men.


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